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 three ladies in  the fine girl t shirts sharing chocolates.

                                "I AM A FINE GIRL LIVING MY BEST LIFE." 

"BUT WHY CALL WOMEN FINE GIRL?" we hear you ask.......

You see, inside every woman is a GIRL who is confident of her strength and beauty; ambitious and fearless, with a big dream for the woman in her. We want to reconnect our women with this girl and encourage them to boldly affirm their identity in their style and fashion.

We want to inspire women to be proud of their achievements and celebrate themselves more by practising more self love, positive talk and confidently express their personality through fashion.... a big favourite of many women.

Our clothes are everyday, all year round, comfortable wardrobe staples but not boring. We live in T-shirts, Joggers, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Dresses and accessories like Sunglasses, Face caps, Jewelleries. We want our women to still be themselves but now with an added love, worth and confidence through our  bold printed positive affirmations.

Our clothes caters for sizes from XS to 5XL. We have put a lot of research and testing into the quality of the clothes and print method and we are quite proud of the quality and fit. We aim to please you with the comfort, fit and style, and inspire you with the positive affirmations. 

This is a movement.. Get on board with us and let's celebrate our strengths, beauty and lives together and help others on their way too. Join our mailing list and be informed of events and news as it happens.


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